A Single Touch-Point for Diversified Businesses Inter-connected for Mutual Growth
    I     Foundation Sites:  
          Start Up Theme
      1   http://rakeshvanarse.com/

    Teaching, Training, Workshops, Writing, Consulting, Coaching, Mentoring.

      2   http://brandceptsindia.com/ Brands & E-Brands
        a BCI 1.0.  MarCom & Consulting.
        b BCI 2.0. 

    Brand & Management Consulting

        d BCI 4.0 Brands for Sale
    II     Portal:  
          Start Up Theme
      3   https://allisone.in/

    A Portal for Goodness in Life, Existence, Creation offering Life Essentials.

        a http://allisone.in/i-am/

    i-am is for Senior Citizens Benefits and Support Systems. These will be in form of Paid and Free support systems to senior citizens.

        b http://allisone.in/i-can/ 

    i-can is for Self-Empowerment Physically & Mentally Challenged, Orphans and Destitutes.

        c https://allisone.in/i-connect/ i-connect is for connecting with people in Events and Expos.
        d https://allisone.in/i-grow/

    i-grow is to enable Learning and Development for better life and better future.

        e https://allisone.in/i-reach-2/ i-reach is for Travel and Tourism with a simple agenda to Rejuvenate.
        f https://allisone.in/i-rise-2/

    i-rise is for New Business and Start Up Opportunities in Business and Social Enterprise.

        g https://allisone.in/i-support/ i-support is for Crowdfunding in various Social and Support areas.
        h https://allisone.in/i-will/     

    i-will is a platform for all artists in all forms of art to find an audience and market for themselves.

    III     Humanitarian:  
          Start Up Theme
      4   http://swabhimaan.co.in/ Senior Citizens Homes, Stays, Tours & Travel and Recoveries.
      5   Plannext (Upcoming) Planning across Life Cycle to achieve Life based Goals.
    IV     Leisure & Lifestyle:  
          Start Up Theme
      6   http://surprizes.in/ Surprizes – Leisure & Lifestyle site with an Interesting Surprize!!!
      7   http://iliveart.in/

    “#iliveart” – I Live Art represents “Liveable Art” on all merchandise and varied surfaces.

      8   http://artnext.co.in/ ArtNext – Art Ownership and Investments
      9   http://designsnext.in/

    DesigNext – Promoting Upcoming Desiginers and Sustainable Fashion & Lifestyle. 

      10   http://jewelrynext.in/ Pure Junk – Junk Jewellery, Clothing and Fashion for all
      11   http://purejunk.in/ JewelNext – The Next Level of Jewellery
      12   TourNext (Upcoming)                     Specialized Tours for Specialized Experiences.
    V     Ecology & Education:  
          Start Up Theme
      13   http://wocontech.com/

    World Conservation Technologies –Renewable Energy, Recycling Waste, Reusing Water

      14   http://edu-next.in/                                 

    Learning by the Hour – Courses, Workshops, Counselling, Training, Mentoring.

    VI     Blogs to Books: Wanderlust  
          Start Up Theme
      15   http://bikecircuits.com/  Bike Circuits around the world for Die-hard Bike-lovers.
    VII     Business To Business (B2B):  
          Start Up Theme
      16   www.biznext.brandceptsindia.com Innovative Business Ideas for Individuals and Enterprises.
      17   www.technext.brandceptsindia.com New Technology for Homes & Offices.
      18   www.brandnext.brandceptsindia.com Brand Updates and Marketplace.