Event Sales

At Brandcepts, we offer comprehensive Event Sales Services to help you maximize ticket sales and attendee engagement through both online and offline platforms. Our dedicated team ensures your event reaches its target audience effectively, driving sales and delivering a successful event experience.


Our Services

In the Event Sales area, we offer Event Sales through Online & Offline platforms comprising

Event Sites Listings

Increase your event's visibility by listing it on prominent event sites

Social Media Listings

Harness the power of social media to promote your event and drive sales

Directories Listings

Expand your event’s reach by listing it in relevant directories.

Event Promotional Planning and Execution

Our team handles the entire promotional process to ensure your event attracts the right audience

Event Online Sales and Conversions

Drive online ticket sales and conversions through our targeted strategies

Event Field Sales and Conversions

Secure field sales and drive conversions through direct engagement and outreach

Generating and Offering a Sales Report

We provide detailed sales reports to give you insights into your event’s performance

Generating and Handing Over Sales Database

We create a comprehensive sales database to help you track and manage attendee information.

Event Sales

Why Choose


Expertise: Our team of event sales professionals has extensive experience in maximizing ticket sales and attendee engagement.

Tailored Solutions: We customize our services to meet the unique needs and goals of your event.

Proven Success: We have a track record of driving sales success and delivering valuable results for our clients.

Comprehensive Support: From event listings to sales reports, we provide end-to-end support to ensure your event’s success.

What we offer

Pricing Structure

We offer a flexible pricing structure that includes

  • Fee

    A base fee for our services

  • Commission

    A commission based on sales performance

  • Incentive Fee

    An incentive fee structure to reward exceptional results

In the Event Sales area, we offer Event Sales through Online & Offline platforms comprising
1. Event Sites listings.
2. Social Media listings.
3. Directories listings.
4. Event Promotional Planning and Execution.
5. Event Online Sales and Conversions.
6. Event Field Sales and Conversions.
7. Generating and offering a Sales Report.
8. Generating and handing over Sales Database.
We charge a Fee, Commission and Incentive Fee Structure for the same.
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