Marketing & Sales Services

At Brandcepts, we offer comprehensive Marketing & Sales Services designed to drive growth and achieve tangible results for your business. Our strategic approach ensures that your products and services reach the right audience, generate leads, and convert them into loyal customers.




Market Analysis

We begin by studying the market relevant to your product or service

Segmentation and Targeting

We identify key market segments and target groups to ensure your marketing efforts are focused on the most promising prospects.

Marketing Roadmap

We create a comprehensive marketing roadmap that outlines your strategic plan for reaching and engaging your target audience

Sales Roadmap

Our sales roadmap provides a strategic plan for converting leads into customers and driving revenue growth

Lead Generation and Conversion

We generate leads and drive conversions through both online and offline strategies.

Field Visits

Our team initiates field visits to engage with potential customers directly

Conversions and Results

We focus on creating conversions and delivering measurable results


Why Choose


Expertise: Our team of marketing and sales professionals has extensive experience in delivering successful strategies and results.

Tailored Solutions: We customize our services to meet the unique needs and goals of your business.

Proven Success: We have a track record of generating leads, driving conversions, and achieving growth for our clients.

Comprehensive Support: From market analysis to field visits, we provide end-to-end support to ensure your success.

What we offer

Pricing Structure

We offer a flexible pricing structure that includes:

  • Fee

    A base fee for our services.

  • Commission

    A commission based on sales performance

  • Incentive Fee

    An incentive fee structure to reward exceptional results.

In Marketing & Sales Service we offer the following,
1. Study the Market relevant to the Product or Service.
2. Identify Segments and Target Groups to sell.
3. Create a Marketing Roadmap.
4. Create a Sales Roadmap.
5. Generate Leads and Conversion Online, as applicable.
6. Initiate Field Visits.
7. Create Conversions and Results.
We charge a Fee, Commission and Incentive Fee Structure for the same.
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